Our Products & Services

While specific product information cannot be disclosed on this website for competitors to see, you can be assured that 

HURRICANE Parking Lot Services, Inc. only uses high-quality products that are considered superior in the industry. 

The products used, along with the amounts applied, and the application methods developed over time, make

a difference when choosing a parking lot contractor.  Experience does matter!

Road Construction


An asphalt overlay is an effective solution when an asphalt pavement surface deteriorates to the point of needing extensive, costly repairs. Typically, an asphalt overlay has a thickness of one and a half to three inches. In general, if over 25% of your asphalt pavement surface needs repair, overlaying your parking lot should be considered.

Wall construction


If pavement repairs or patching is required for less than 25% of the entire parking lot, then it may be more cost effective to patch or crack-fill the damaged areas. We can repair small potholes to large areas of commercial parking lots in a timely manor causing little interference to your daily operations. When repairs are made properly, the life of your asphalt pavement investment is extended.



We specialize in sealcoating and have a unique two-coat application system like no other in the industry.  Protecting your asphalt investment from deteriorating is the key to keeping your parking lot or driveway looking attractive. Sealcoating with CTE (Coal Tar Emulsion) is the best and most cost efficient way to avoid costly repairs due to pavement failures. We apply more high-grade, above-industry standard material per square inch to provide a longer lasting product. Sealcoating your parking lot or driveway stops weather damage; prevents oxidation; resists gas, oil, and salt; and beautifies pavement. Sealcoating also extends the life cycle, saves money, enhances appearance, and reduces liability for damages that can be caused by potholes.

Things You Should Ask Your Seal Coating Contractor:
What type of sealer are you applying?
What is your mix design?
How many coats of sealer do you apply?
What is your application rate?
How will you repair the cracks? 



Nothing makes your business stand out better then a newly striped parking lot.  If the public travels on property that you own or manage, your pavement markings, traffic control devices and your traffic signs, are now required to conform to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  We will make sure all of your traffic control markings meet local and state requirements and codes and that all signs are in compliance with the law that applies to "traffic control devices" and safety features.  Examples of privately owned property where the public travels that are required to comply are shopping centers, office and apartment complexes, and even recreation facilities.  Did you know that you can be fined if someone files a complaint against you because your parking lot is not in compliance?